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I’m Just One Person

one person

“I’m only one person…what can I do?” she cried out. She had just learned about human trafficking, which is also known as modern day slavery. Learning about this huge and growing worldwide issue can be overwhelming when you see yourself as one person fighting this massive faceless force. You can read survivors’ personal stories of […]

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Secondary Trauma

secondary traumaandgrief

Secondary Trauma. It is defined by psychologists as “the emotional duress that results when an individual hears about the firsthand trauma experiences of another. Its symptoms mimic those of post-traumatic stress disorder.” Secondary trauma is yet one more way that sex trafficking victimizes. Only these victims are not themselves survivors of sex trafficking. They are the caregivers of […]

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Don’t be a Krishna, Chris, or Silent


  ugh.  i was researching which motorcycle to buy and came across a review of the honda model i’m interested in.  it wasn’t a motorcycle blog or a manufacturer site, but a real person reviewing it.  that’s what i was interested in, the honest truth.  the guy was some big shot corporate guy who retired […]

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Why Child Survivors Obey

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Caring for child trafficking survivors is unspeakably complicated. Their needs begin in the extreme and end in the impossible. For the lucky ones, their experiences, while excruciating, hold great hope for recovery into a relatively normal life. These are the kids who found themselves in sexual slavery because of bad decisions or a job search […]

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The Great Physician


You could almost say she was born to be a slave. She was born into poverty, her father a drunk and her mother a prostitute in a place where children are sold when necessary with no consequences…

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The Journey Toward Healing


I wondered if she had learned her English from the volunteer that came weekly to the center to teach English or if she had learned it from her years being sexually exploited by eager English-speaking clients.

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