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Who We Are


Dark Bali is a non-profit organization which aims to strengthen and equip those on the front lines of abolition work in Indonesia – the caregivers, the grassroots organizations, the government agencies and police, and the community leaders advocating on behalf of trafficking victims and survivors.

What We Do

We believe that human trafficking will only be eliminated when local abolitionists are effectively working together. Our role in this community is to organize and bring resources to increase the capacity of every individual and organization fighting human trafficking in Indonesia.

Our Model

All of our projects and programs fall under three categories:


The Dark Bali network is comprised of city/regional task forces which are connected into one larger Indonesian National Human Trafficking Task Force. Our role as the facilitating organization is to identify and network existing anti-trafficking organizations, facilitate task force meetings, coordinate projects between organizations and government entities, and connect Indonesian organizations to international networks and resources.


Dark Bali facilitates and participates in data collection and research projects. Frequently, we serve as a liaison between our local partners and English-speaking stakeholders. Our Indonesian and international advocacy and awareness projects educate the public and bring new attention to the needs of trafficking victims and survivors and those supporting them.

Community Resourcing

Dark Bali provides professional training to the anti-trafficking community across Indonesia. We find and translate quality resources into Indonesian, identify/address current gaps in the national anti-trafficking response, and facilitate access into global anti-trafficking networks. We act as a fiscal sponsor to our network, enabling partnerships between local organizations and international donors. 


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