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How Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts Work

Anti-Human Trafficking

Combating modern day slavery is no easy task. The complexity of the needs is staggering and is often complicated by broken law enforcement, corrupt governments, cultural apathy, and lack of resources. Anti-trafficking efforts must always be shaped by each unique context because, quite simply, what works well in one location will not necessarily be effective […]

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Sex Trafficking as a Capitalist System: Part 2


Part 1 discussed the connection between sex trafficking and neo-liberal capitalism. Because capitalism is inherently amoral, the capitalistic mechanisms of sex trafficking cannot be fought by appealing to moralisms or justice. Rather, capitalistic principles themselves must be used to reduce sex trafficking. “For criminals – whether individual and simply opportunist, or organized and highly coercive […]

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Sex Trafficking as a Capitalist System: Part 1

For sale

(All references in text are from Kara unless otherwise noted.) The topic of human slavery and sexual exploitation is deeply emotional for many people. There is a thread of morality that is nearly impossible to ignore when approaching the issue. The injustice of sexual slavery drives lawmakers, private citizens, and development workers to act, and […]

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Small Business as Re-Entry Prevention

business woman

What options are available for these women and teens coming out of recovery? Often women left with no other choice, or because of shame or poor understanding of self-worth, go back to what they know… Counter trafficking efforts have to include after after-care to break that cycle of reentry.

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The Truth About Survivor Success Stories

True stories

When I read from anti-trafficking organizations, the stories they publish are mostly about the successes. They are about the ones that manage to leave the sex trade. The ones that find healing. The ones who become heroes themselves. These stories certainly exist. They are what abolitionists long for and what keeps us trying through all […]

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I Saw You


I saw you. I saw your small form propped on a bar stool, young legs too short to reach the ground.  You were out of place in this loud bar in the middle of the night. Tourists pushed their way through the open restaurants and crowds that spilled into the streets. Good money had been […]

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They Buy Baby Clothes

baby and mom

I regularly spend time in a few brothels in my city. With a couple of faithful friends, I go inside the waiting area of a brothel and spend a couple of hours talking with the 25-50 women and girls inside. On one wall is a pane of glass, and I can see the hungry eyes […]

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Hospitality in a Brothel


It was the last thing I expected in a brothel. I guess in my mind a brothel was just a hell-hole devoid of any humanity. But there it was… “Can I get you something to drink? It’s really hot in here.”  She was right. It WAS hot in there. The air was still and stifling. […]

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After Aftercare


Caring for child survivors of sexual trafficking is multi-faceted. In the initial days, we deal with things like acute medical needs, family services, and legal procedures. But slowly life  takes on a rhythm, trust is built, and the deeper wounds are cared for. Trauma for sexually  exploited children runs deep, and it is not something […]

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How Long Will It Take?


How long does this take? As a caregiver, it’s hard not want to rush the healing process for the children in our care. They often enter aftercare an absolute wreck. Some are angry and rebellious having run away from home and oddly content with their lives as teenage sex workers. Others are deeply fearful and […]

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