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Connect with Our Partners

Make a difference in the lives of trafficked women and children by giving. Below is a list of organizations that are committed to reducing the number of children victimized by sexual slavery in Bali and other parts of Indonesia. For more information on how you can give, contact one of these organizations or send us an email.

The not-for-profit organizations listed below run on the financial donations and volunteer hours of concerned global citizens. Each organization has complete endorsement of Dark Bali for efficacy and ethics.


YWAM is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. We unite in a common purpose to know God and to make Him known.

The Traffic Lights ministry reaches out to street children in the South Bali areas.

Website: – (search “bali” in the search box at the top right corner)


Indonesia Aid – Project Freedom

The Project Freedom team works in four different red-light districts around Bali. They bring gifts of love and encouragement to women and girls trapped in prostitution and sex trafficking. They offer relationships, care, and help getting out of the sex industry. Aftercare is offered after exit through Rumah Transformasi (Transformation House) where participants receive counseling, work skills training with a salary, English classes, money management classes, cooking and art classes.





Gerasa’s (Bali, Indonesia) Permata ministry serves single mothers coming out of the sex trade, who are HIV+, or are domestic violence victims. We empower them to provide economically for their children through job training and education, educate them on self-care and parenting strategies in order to prevent their children from becoming tomorrow’s victims.

Pondok Gerasa is a live-in facility for teenage girls who have been rescued out of sex trafficking situations. Girls go through a twelve month program involving counseling (individual and family), medical services, education, and skills/job training.



World Relief

World Relief’s mission is to stand with the most vulnerable. In Indonesia, victims of human trafficking are the most vulnerable. World Relief provides psychosocial support to victims of human trafficking to help them cope with trauma. World Relief also works to empower communities which are targeted by traffickers because of their remoteness, lack of education, and poverty. In addition to poverty reduction initiatives, World Relief raises awareness of the risks of human trafficking and provides training on how to search for work outside the village safely. Finally, World Relief helps coordinate and build the capacity of the network of anti-trafficking institutions in Indonesia.



Project Karma

Project Karma‘s ‘Sentinel Project’ combats child sex exploitation and child trafficking for sex abuse. They target areas of Bali where the problem is prolific. Establishing and training local investigation teams, they empower them to work with the police to catch and prosecute offenders.



House of Diamonds

House of Diamonds (Java, Indonesia) provides disadvantaged women in Indonesia the opportunity to rise above their circumstances through meaningful employment as textile-artists, offering the freedom to work in a safe, loving environment for good wages.



rumah faye logoRumah Faye

Rumah Faye is working to prevent, rescue, and rehabilitate children affected by trafficking, abuse, and sexual exploitation. They do this through: 1. Communicating relevant information and quality education on taboo issues; 2. Accepting reports from the community and working together with NGOs, government agencies, or law enforcement to handle such cases as well as advocating for better policies that protect victims of sexual exploitation, abuse, and/or trafficking; 3. Assessing areas for outreach, assisting cases handled by law enforcement, providing a safe house for survivors to go through the rehabilitation process

Email (Jakarta):
Phone (Jakarta): +628199990101
Email (Batam):
Phone (Batam): +627787100138



Working in Karangasem, Bali, Yasera serves children work on the street selling pendants or as beggars, work in spa parlors, domestic workers, or as laborer in plantations. These children are on the high risk to be trafficked. Many of them are sent to work in Denpasar in spas. Through its Child Friendly Villages, Yasera (Selaksa Sejahtera Foundation) is reducing the risk of wider trafficking for children in Tianyar Tengah by helping them learn the importance of going to school to achieve their dreams. Additionally, parents and village leaders are taught children’s rights and human trafficking awareness.
Phone: +62 969 33351, Irene Heidy, Executive Director
Phone: +62363 278 7066, Saul Sailana, Bali Project Leader
Email: iheidy@yasera.og



talitha_ORIGINAL_ENTalitha Koumi

Save the children one image at a time. Talitha Koumi (Java, Indonesia) is a borderless solidarity organization fighting against sexual exploitation and trafficking of children.
Aspiring to become a world leader in the protection of children, Talitha Koumi promotes photojournalism to fight the scourge of sexual exploitation of minors, one of the most aggressive forms of slavery. Breaking the chains of juvenile prostitution and promoting the recovery of young victims one by one is the mission that drives our hearts.
Contact Telephone: Daniel Jean, +1 450 330 1381
Contact Email:



logo pearl baru (1) (1)PEARL

PEARL (Preventing Exploitation Actively Restoring Lives) is a local anti-Human Trafficking organization in Central Java which focuses on prevention in both the labor and commercial sexual exploitation markets. PEARL also helps come alongside on potential victims and recovered victims so they can be restored to wholeness and hope.


WA: +6281328244465


Kita Designs

Kita Designs is a faith-based employment center in Bandung, Indonesia for women who want to leave the commercial sex industry, or women at risk for being trafficked. They provide a safe place to work, a fair wage, and a family environment that promotes growth and unity. In addition to learning how to make our beautiful products, artisans also enjoy weekly activities such as English lessons, counseling/goal setting sessions, and pot luck dinners for the whole family. Artisans at Kita Designs specialize in lovely Indonesian batik infinity scarves, jewelry, bags, and other high quality items. “Kita” is the Indonesian pronoun for “all of us.” Kita Designs is all of us- artisans, managers, counselor, customers, and volunteers-working together to restore hope.


Phone: +6281282046429



Compassion First

Compassion First partners with authorities and vulnerable communities to prevent child exploitation and rescue kids who are being bought and sold. Currently, they are working in three locations:

Sarah’s House is our shelter for trafficking survivors in North Sulawesi. The shelter combined with law enforcement partnerships has sustainably reduced trafficking in this region.
Our child and family sponsorship program supports a precious community in East Java where children are at high risk for being trafficked. Grace House, our second aftercare shelter, is also in this region.
Bali is an international child sex tourism destination. We partner with other organizations in Bali to support law enforcement and caregivers and assist in partnered rescues.