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Sound of Freedom: A Response from the Frontlines

How Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts Work

The Sound of Freedom movie made a splash in Hollywood and continues to enjoy success around the world for its depiction of the dark underworld of human trafficking. Interestingly, the reactions to the movie are a spectrum and have become divisive.

For Dark Bali, we always want to go back to those who have the most insight and are the most tied to the issue: survivors themselves. We also deeply believe in the importance of learning and working in a community, so we were honored to participate with many other anti-trafficking professionals this past July to formulate a collective response.

Please read through this brilliant, insightful response written by human trafficking survivors who are also professionals in the field.

For a longer conversation, check out this podcast in which our Executive Director spoke with the Beached White Male Podcast. They spoke about the difficulties of accurate media, the harm of perpetuating trafficking myths, and the many ways that non-professionals can be involved in anti-trafficking efforts. If you’ve been wondering about the movie (particularly how survivors and anti-trafficking professionals feel about it), this is a great episode for you.

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