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Signs Of Trafficking

Save a Life: Know the Signs

What Should You Do?

pensive woman in front of the windowMany children who are trafficked experience their abuse in hotels. For this reason, aware tourists can be on the front line of protection.

If you suspect a trafficking situation in your hotel, contact local authorities and the embassy of the suspected predator.

It’s important to note that if the suspect is foreign, contacting their embassy or consulate (if nationality is known) is an important step. Many countries including Australia, the United States, and most European countries have laws which make child abuse done overseas a crime that can be prosecuted domestically. These countries are obligated to investigate suspected cases of pedophilia and child sexual abuse perpetrated by their citizens regardless of the location of the crime.

Common Signs of Trafficking

Below are common signs of trafficking. Each of these signs on its own could have a reasonable explanation, but if you see anything that makes you suspicious, it might be time to contact the authorities.

However, DO NOT engage with the suspect as doing so could cause him/her to flee and could also increase the danger to the victim.

  • A constant stream of visitors in and out of a room
  • A guest who escorts various men into their room
  • An older male or female who stays near the room until the visitors leave, watching the door
  • A child that seems anxious, fearful, or paranoid
  • A single male adult in constant company with an Indonesian child without the presence of other adults
  • A child or teenager who has little control of money and identification
  • A child with visible signs of abuse: bruising, cuts, malnourishment
  • A child who always has someone answering questions on their behalf or has inconsistent details with their story
  • An older man staying at the hotel alone with a child
  • Obvious differences in status between the child and adult (the adult is well dressed while the child is wearing old, worn out clothing)
  • The observation of money exchanging hands in the lobby or hallway or parking lot
  • The observation of pornography (especially child pornography) on a guest’s computer