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National Indonesian Anti-Trafficking Gathering


We are thrilled to announce the first ever Indonesia National Anti-Trafficking Gathering in July 2022. More than a conference, this community requested gathering of professionals in anti-trafficking will focus on four objectives:

  • Increasing Knowledge
  • Increasing Psychosocial Support
  • Increasing Professionalism
  • Increasing Connections


Increasing Knowledge

Conference attendees will be briefed with sessions concerning current issues regarding human trafficking in Indonesia, particularly aspects that might not be as familiar to grassroots organizations: the importance of survivor leadership, current research on Indonesian trafficking patterns, legal frameworks for advocacy etc.

Increasing Psychosocial Support

Burnout and secondary trauma are always risks to those working in anti-trafficking. Normalizing this reality in our sector is critical for the health and longevity of anti-trafficking caregivers and professionals. Aside from informative sessions about the topics above, conference attendees will benefit from workshops on the creation of self-care plans and access to professional therapists for debriefings and secondary trauma counseling.

Increasing Professionalism

Building capacity and coaching our partners on implementing global leading standards is a core goal of Dark Bali. In workshop session, conference attendees will have the opportunity to draft their own organizational policies (as well as learn why they are important) in topics like:

  • Child protection
  • Staff Care
  • Confidentiality and Ethical Storytelling
  • Regional Task Force Creation and Leadership
Increasing Connections

In Indonesia, face-to-face connections are critical, and it is important to create opportunities where connections can be made and strengthened among coalition members. Conference attendees will benefit from breakout sessions where they can interact with one another to discuss future partnerships and collaboration.

This first ever Indonesia National Anti-Trafficking Gathering will equip beneficiaries with up-to-date information from our sector, increase their longevity in the field, coach them on easily implementable polices and global leading practices, and cultivate new and deeper relationships among community members.

About Shandra Woworuntu

Shandra was a banker and money market trader in Indonesia, her native country. She accepted a job offer in the United States, but upon arrival she was kidnapped and sold into an underground sex business in New York and surrounding areas. She escaped and collaborated with law enforcement to arrest and ultimately prosecute her traffickers. Shandra learned from her experiences and used it to help victims and survivors. She founded @mentariusa to mentor and empower survivors of trafficking in their reintegration into society and independence. As a lobbyist; Shandra has testified at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings and New York City Budget hearings to raise funding for services, and she lobbied federal/state bills as they passed and became laws. Shandra was a New Jersey State commissioner, and she was appointed by Barack Obama to be a founding member of the First U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking to the Presidential Integration Task Force in 2015. She has received numerous awards for her work against human trafficking.

To make this event accessible to all Indonesian anti-trafficking organizations and professionals, you can donate here to help provide need-based scholarships.