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COVID-19 Rapid Response Project


As COVID-19 has spread throughout the globe, we have surveyed the organizations in our coalition to find out how things have changed and what they need at this time.

The answer is sobering:

“The women and girls still stuck in the red light districts are starving. They have no food and are not being fed by the brothel owners and pimps. Because the brothels have temporarily closed down, the women and girls have no way of making money to purchase basic food and hygiene supplies. They cannot work, but they cannot leave. They are desperate and have called us asking if we can just bring some rice because they are so hungry.” 

In response to this crisis in the red light districts of Indonesia, our coalition partners are jumping into action, considering themselves “essential services” as they offer potentially life-saving care packages to the women and girls who are still not free to leave the area. In our conversations with organization leaders, we learned that many of them are using their own salaries to purchase food. We believe that the Dark Bali Impact Community can come alongside these frontlines organizations and help them provide emergency food and supplies to the women and girls that we all care so much about.

Would you give to this COVID-19 Rapid Response Care Package Project?

For $5 per week or $20 per month per woman, outreach teams can bring a care package of essential food and basic hygiene supplies directly into the brothels in Indonesian cities to sex trafficking victims and sex workers who have no other way to provide for themselves and are being abandoned by the brothel owners because they are not able to bring in any money. Along with food, these teams are bringing compassion and connection and building relationships with victims that we hope will eventually lead to escapes, rescues, and recoveries.

Donate here.

Thank you for joining arms with us and caring for some of the world’s most vulnerable people during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you for shining a light in Indonesia.

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