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I’m Just One Person

one person“I’m only one person…what can I do?” she cried out. She had just learned about human trafficking, which is also known as modern day slavery.

Learning about this huge and growing worldwide issue can be overwhelming when you see yourself as one person fighting this massive faceless force. You can read survivors’ personal stories of the suffering they’ve lived through and the people who abused them and that knowledge alone is enough to make someone stop trying to do anything before they even get started. After all, what can one person do?

She took the next small step. She read and learned more. She talked to people in her networks asking if they’d heard of human trafficking. She questioned, does this exist where I live? Is there anyone else doing anything?  She prayed for God to show her what to do, show her how she could play a role in fighting this injustice. Eventually all those small steps lead to a big decision and she moved to Bali.  Human trafficking exists in Indonesia like it does in every country in the world. She knew that it existed in her home country, but she also knew there were many people actively working to fight it. No yet so in Indonesia.

So she started all over again, specifically reading and learning more about trafficking in Bali.  She learned to speak and live Indonesian.  She talked to people and found most people are unaware this is going on in their neighbourhoods and beachside towns.  She met some people along the way who cared about prevention and were reaching out to street kids.  She met a local NGO that cared about restoration and was running a safe house for children who have been sexually exploited.  She met an international NGO who wanted to use their name and financial backing to do something to address this issue on Bali.  She learned of a beneficial anti-trafficking training curriculum that had recently been translated into Indonesian.  She worked with her new partners and together they spent months planning a training event.  They invited people and guest speakers from all across Indonesia.

Last week she wasn’t alone; she was in a room with over 50 other people who share her heart to end the evil of human trafficking in their lifetimes and help those affected by it. Those people are all qualified to take this information back to their islands and their organizations and train their staff. What she saw starting here was the beginning of a coalition; connected, passionate, and ready. She’s seeing the beginning of a movement.

What could one person do? She never knew until she took that first small step.

So what is your first small step?


To learn more about the training held by DarkBali partners in conjunction with FAAST, World Relief, Gerasa, and PEARL, check us out on social media under #HTHBali.

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