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The Great Physician

“by D”

bali-statueYou could almost say she was born to be a slave. She was born into poverty, her father a drunk and her mother a prostitute in a place where children are sold when necessary with no consequences… at least for the ones exchanging her little body for the cash that would provide another month’s rent and a bottle of booze. She knew nothing else than to use what she had to help her family. It was her duty, the same as her mother’s.

A soul does not survive this brutal childhood without deep scars, nor does a body. By the time that rescue came, repeated violation had wound ribbons of disease throughout her womb. It could not be healed.

The doctors said that despite the fact that she was barely past her first menstruation, she needed an operation to remove the parts of her that could infect the rest and end her life. A child with no chance of children of her own. Her caretakers wept for her, but refused to accept what the experts told them. “There is a greater physician than these. He made you once; he can remake you again.” She agreed with hope and hesitation, and they prayed for her, laying hands across the swollen stomach set to be opened the next day.

The doctors were in shock. The final sonogram before surgery did not even look like it could have been of the same body. There was nothing wrong at all. Her womb looked as if no damage had ever been done. Further tests confirmed her healing, and the surgery was canceled. Her God had healed her body; now He has moved on to heal her soul.

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  1. I am praying daily for our Lord to stop the human trafficking. His personal presence is evident in the healing of this young girl. He is the Great Physician! I pray he will heal the mental anguish these victims are suffering.

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