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Don’t be a Krishna, Chris, or Silent


ugh.  i was researching which motorcycle to buy and came across a review of the honda model i’m interested in.  it wasn’t a motorcycle blog or a manufacturer site, but a real person reviewing it.  that’s what i was interested in, the honest truth.  the guy was some big shot corporate guy who retired at 34 and is a nomad in southeast asia.  i read through and then saw a link to another entry about sex tourism in southeast asia, particularly mentioning Bali where i live.

it wasn’t a blog about how to find it or outraged by the prevalence of it, but more just information on how it is manifesting on the island.   it wasn’t for it or against it, just reporting that it exists.  whatever.


then i read through the comment section:

“my friend tried to make money that way…”

a link back to the post “check out post about the different flavours of sex tourism…”

another link back “Of course Tourism seems to look stable and the Sex Industry isn’t effected at all – as usual.”

“the best solution is to get out of [the sketchy places] and enjoy the other beautiful sights of this paradise island.”

“[people] behave differently, when on holidays (to say the least). :D”

“Where there are Caucasian tourists rest assured sex trade will be in every nook and corner.”

“So if you don’t have enough sex back home, you can always come here and let yourself fall for or make use of the abundant temptations available. No need to go to Thailand only. ;)”

“Is this really happening in real life?. What ever the culture of the place I still respect it.”

those were all pretty gross, but one exchange was beyond disgusting.  one person, Krishna, with no shame, asked point blank how to execute getting a girl when he visited southeast asia.  i expected the author to say “hey man, this isn’t that kind of site.”  nope.

do what feels right for you! hey, everyone has a different taste for happiness! have fun!

i guarantee that girl won’t appreciate Krishna’s “taste for happiness.”

fighting trafficking is fighting so many possible fronts.  the pimps who wield power over the helpless.  parents who have so little view of their daughter they might sell them.  the jerks who trick parents into letting their child go somewhere for a “better job” to send money home.  the unawareness of the rest of the nation.  the shame culture that doesn’t want to admit there is a problem.  the “not my problem” attitude of others or the “not my calling” attitude of Christians.  the legal system that makes the trafficked person a criminal worthy of arrest.  the tourists who do things on vacation they would never do at home and don’t realize how they are playing a part in this cycle.  those who think pornography and strip clubs have nothing to do with trafficking.

the krishna’s with no shame in buying it.

the chris’s who tell people to do what feels right in the search for happiness no matter who it affects.

and the silent.  those who know but do nothing, say nothing, read about it and move on.

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